In an increasingly sophisticated and competitive real estate market, elevating the profile of a property in a way which attracts attention and prompts action is a demanding and challenging job. At Bayleys we continue to build our business on marketing campaigns for our clients which do just that. These are some of the marketing innovations available to our clients.


The marketing of real estate on the web is developing at an exponential pace and Bayleys, a pioneer of property websites, continues to lead the field.

Bayleys undertake international marketing campaigns for our website, advertising in key newspapers and magazine publications worldwide to ensure that we drive traffic to our site for our vendors. We also put a lot of effort into ensuring Bayleys is easy to find on search engines like We design our website unashamedly for property buyers, we find the way to maximise the value of our vendors property to make it easy for buyers to find and then make it look as attractive as possible. Our basic web package is free.

If your property is likely to attract an international buyer it is recommended that a more prominent package is used to generate more interest in a very cost effective manner.

When you list your property with Bayleys Taupo you go on three websites free of charge.

Bayleys Magazines


Winter / Summer Selection

At Bayleys Taupo we strive to create as much opportunity as we can to actively profile our Vendors properties. Winter and summer typically sees the arrival of additional visitors and holiday makers, all keen to enjoy the range of winter activities that our region has to offer.

To cater to this influx Bayleys Taupo create individual Winter and Summer standalone A4, full colour Property magazines.




Bayleys' annual Waterfront magazine is New Zealand's flagship portfolio of premium waterfront properties for sale. It showcases the pick of beachfront, lakeside and riverfront properties that this country and close South Pacific neighbours such as Fiji and Vanuatu have to offer.

The magazine also contains a variety of waterfront related editorial articles which we hope you find of interest.



Bayleys latest portfolio of Country properties showcases a diverse range of properties that Bayleys markets, encompassing farms, forestry and horticulture properties, land and lifestyle blocks, viticulture properties throughout New Zealand.

There's no better place to start your search than inside Bayleys' collection of Country properties.


Total Property

Total Property is Bayleys premier commercial, industrial and retail magazine produced 5 times a year to showcase a portfolio of over 75 properties throughout New Zealand. As well as profiling properties for sale, Total Property offers prospective purchases feature articles, insights, market information and advice from an experienced and independent team of editorial staff.

From its inception in 1990, the Total Property marketing campaign has developed into a comprehensive, integrated programme that maximizes all available marketing channels, offering unmatched exposure to the widest possible audience here and abroad.


Preview - Auckland

Preview showcases a diverse range of residential, lifestyle and apartment properties across the Greater Auckland region. Published monthly, Preview provides additional exposure of your property to local, national and international markets.

For each region, a comprehensive review is provided including information of interest to potential buyers. In each edition, a selection of national opportunities will also feature.