Buying Real Estate in New Zealand is a relatively simple process. My aim is to keep this process as stress free as possible. Once you have identified a property you wish to purchase, I will discuss with you the details and clauses that you wish to include in the Sale & Purchase Agreement.

For a residential property, there are a number of clauses that may be required for your particular purchase and protection. However, the most common clauses are:

Finance Clause
This clause allows you time to arrange finance if required.  Finance can usually be arranged in two or three days.

L.I.M. Report
This is a report obtained from the Taupo District Council and has a copy of all permits, consents, plans and other information relevant to the property.

Building Report
I recommend that all buyers have the building that they are intending to purchase, inspected by a building consultant who can provide a report on the building indentifying any potential structural defects.

The Sale & Purchase Agreement is prepared in our office at no cost to the Purchaser.

For The International Buyer

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