Now enjoying almost 26 years as a Real Estate sales agent, Gary is renowned for his extensive analytical knowledge of Real Estate trends and prices around the Taupo market place.

With a vast client network and a professional attitude that sees him regularly working at the top end of the market, Gary believes strongly in going the extra mile for all his clients. The calibre of his gary-hunting.JPGpersonal marketing is an entrĂ©e to his marketing and listing process. With a key focus on commercial and industrial property, Gary is the undisputed specialist in this area, and provides unparalleled results for his clients. Meticulous, uncompromising and innovative marketing campaigns are a key feature of all Gary’s listing presentations, and regularly sells property through his extensive database of clients either by way of his informative newsletters, personal website or latest property listings.

Gary is as passionate about his lifestyle in Taupo as he was when he first arrived some 30 years ago. Hunting, fishing, tramping, mountain biking along with volunteer work as coordinator for conservation projects for the Central North Island Sika Foundation which includes trapping projects to protect Whio in the Kaimanawa Ranges and working with the Department of Conservation on native bat monitoring projects - are just a few of the many interests he manages to fit around his busy sales career.

Bayleys accolades

  • Top 20 Salespeople, #20 Commercial Salesperson - 2018
  • Most Settled Deals, #5 Commercial Salesperson - 2018
  • $100 Million Dollar Award - 2014

Bayleys Taupo

First established in Taupo in the early 1960’s, Westerman Real Estate prospered with matriarch, Dorothy Westerman establishing an office in the early days of Taupo, when the streets were pumice, the town consisted of just a few shops and the iconic Lake Hotel, and brightly coloured broom coated the hillside. Dorothy’s early hobby was to clear the adjoining section, then put up a Private For Sale board and sell the section to a passing out of town fisherman or bach owner. This quickly turned into a full time job and ultimately the thriving business it is today.

It is with this extensive local knowledge, that Dorothy’s twin daughters, Elaine & Yvonne were born into the business and continued in her footsteps with a passion for people and Real Estate this ensured that Dorothys’ original vision was fulfilled. In 2002 the twins recognised that the market was changing dramatically and a more global presence was required, so a decision was made to reposition the Taupo Office under the Bayleys brand. The further addition of an office in Turangi in 2006, ensured that their clients were covered throughout the Great Lake Taupo Region.

Since that date, carefully planned expansion has seen the ongoing development of the market leading Bayleys Taupo and Turangi offices that we know today.

Ours is a proud tradition of success based on genuine service and unmatched local knowledge with over 50 years proven performance and respect within the local market.